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InkTears On The Radio

On 5th September, IT entrepreneur and prize-winning author Anthony Howcroft was a guest on Jackie King-Turner’s show THIS MUCH I KNOW.

The following day Anthony wrote about the experience on his website – this is what he said:

InkTears on Stratford Community Radio

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Yesterday I was the guest of Jackie King-Turner on her Stratford-based radio show. It’s the first time I’ve ever been on the radio (in person), so it was a completely fresh experience. One of my stories was previously read out on BBC Radio (actually Beetles and Butterflies - the current InkTears story of the month) and that was a surreal experience, as I could listen to the actor and radio host talk about my story but had no way to interact with them. This was a very different experience, as you sit in a studio and chat in a small intimate group and try to forget the other people eavesdropping on the airwaves.

Like any new experience, it’s a little daunting at first, but Jackie and Sam (the engineer) soon put me at my ease and I throughly enjoyed the whole event. Having done lots of live online presentations for work, I can say that this is very different. In a work presentation you typically don’t get a break (although with a good pre-sales person, you build in ways to take a breather and gather your thoughts) while on the radio there is a short gap every few minutes where a song is played, and you can have a drink, relax a little and/or think about what you might be talking about next. I should point out that Jackie and Sam were often very busy during these periods, so the relaxation is for guests only - there was a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes! It is also rather strange to put your headset on to talk to each other, and be sitting directly in front of someone but hearing their voice through the headphones. That was one aspect which I found strangely reassuring though, as it reminded me of flying from Enstone in the SuperDimona (license expired now, sadly...). In an aeroplane the headphones are noise cancelling and the prop makes so much noise that you can’t hear a thing without them, so it kept surprising me when I took the headphones off and found I could still hear Jackie and Sam.

Being on the radio also makes you acutely aware of sounds. I had never noticed that Jackie has such a good voice for radio before, or that my voice sounded so squeaky! Of course, like any presentation (especially those that are recorded) you come away thinking about how you could or should have answered this differently, or said that in a better way. I guess that’s why I’m a writer. You can keep going over the words until you get them exactly the way you want them. Then you can change them next week. Then the next. And the next.

Still, lots of good plug opportunities were provided for InkTears. It was such good fun being on the show. Thanks Jackie! Thanks Sam!

Anthony Howcroft

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